Towards Well Being

My work is focussed on helping people develop the resilience to better cope with and enjoy life, to have a sense of well-being whatever difficulties they may face.

The commons troubles - anxiety, depression & relationships

Anxiety, depression, and unhappy relationships are symptoms of deeper troubles. And while medication and brief therapies might ease our symptoms for a while, it is normally only by exploring more deeply that we can discover and address the causes. Then we can develop the inner strength we need if we are to find long term relief.

The approach I use
I work using the well-proven psychodynamic approach. At times I adopt cognitive and behavioural approaches, the latter particularly with couples and people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

I help my clients to engage and collaborate. Together we explore their situations and actions, and their difficult feelings. We discover how these have been shaped by past and present experiences. And as a result it is common for them to develop relational experiences previously denied, experiences they can then foster outside of counselling.

Typical issues I help people with are:


John Davidson Bipolar Disorder John Davidson Personality Disorders
 John Davidson Anxiety John Davidson Couples Counselling John Davidson Relationship Issues
 John Davidson Aspergers Syndrome John Davidson Depression John Davidson Spiritual Issues
 John Davidson Attachment Difficulties John Davidson Low Self Confidence John Davidson Stress
 John Davidson Bereavement John Davidson Low Self Esteem John Davidson Trauma
 John Davidson Bullying John Davidson Manic Depression John Davidson Work-Related Issues