Relationship Counselling

Your First experience.....

When you first approach relationship counselling it is likely that you will have some anxious thoughts and questions: "What will the counsellor be like? What can I expect? Will they judge me?" Such anxieties will soon pass as your counsellor helps you to feel more at ease, to feel safe.

Your counsellor will ask about you and your partner, and will listen carefully. They will experience how you engage with each other. And they will help you to better identify and understand the difficulties you have and how they might be better managed, also to address communication problems. They will not be judgemental. Neither will they disclose anything you share with them; everthing that takes place in the counselling room is confidential.

Your counsellor may suggest meeting with you and/or your partner separately for one or more sessions. This will be to help you explore something with your own and their undivided attention.

Many couples who have experienced a relationship breakdown find that subsequent relationships bring the same or similar problems; relationship patterns are often repeated. Therefore, if you feel your present relationship must end, seek to understand why. Meet with a counsellor as a couple - for the sake of your future relationships.